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Widowspeak almanac

Widowspeak can be fuzzy and dark, driving forward with distorted rock guitars and pounding drums.  But there’s also a dreamy vibe that floats through their melodies.  Singer Molly Hamilton, croons, “keep me, somewhere in the dark with you” asking not for illumination, but rather for a darkening.  It adds a certain desperation to the song.  It’s a quiet plea for both pleasure and a veil.  After releasing a great debut album, Widowspeak are getting set to release their next, Almanac, in January.  Check below for a taste

-M. Kauf

Widowspeak – The Dark Age

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Orange Blossom Flyover have mastered the subtle sound of droning guitars, trippy beats and hazy melodies that have become so prominent in this decade.  That and Ryan Scally’s Bradford Coxesque vocals make this Massachusetts band one to watch.     O.B.F. seem heavily influenced by by 90s Shoegaze music and make excellent use of their influence by creating some beautifully bleached sounds meant to wash over you as you listen.  After hearing the album worth of demoes and tracks this band has to offer, I can’t wait to see the first official album from this band.  Currently signed to I Had An Accident Records, O.B.F. is about to release a split debut with electronic band Daytime Television.  Check out one of my favorites, “Hearsay in Paradox Lust” below for a taste of what this band can do and be sure to check out their bandcamp for some free downloads.

Orange Blossom Flyover – Hearsay in Paradox Lust

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Here’s a new band that’s I’ve been listening to a lot lately after hearing about them from these guys.  Comprised of Josh Wembeke, Josh Wembeke and…Josh Wembeke (a very talented guy if you ask me), The Morning Clouds are a kind of shoegaze band with a little surf and hard rock thrown in for good measure.  The lyrics are simple and sweet and among all the distortion are some great pop gems (see “Ends” one of the best album closers I’ve heard in a while).  Wembeke recorded the entire EP, coming in at just under thirty minutes by himself and released the EP on Lefse Records (How To Dress Well, Tape Deck Mountain and some other great artists) last week.  This album is full of songs of love, loss and indifference for that loss.  Listen to “The Wrong Things” below for a taste of this great EP.  If that guitar doesn’t get to you, I don’t know what will.

-M. Kauf

The Morning Clouds – The Wrong Things:

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