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Mount Moriah miracle temple

Mount Moriah is a bit of a supergroup, and an odd one at that.  Somehow, punk rock and metal combined to create an amazing americana band.  Two years ago, they released the their beautifully crafted self-titled LP and now their back with more country from North Carolina with Miracle Temple out February 26th.  Their first single, “Bright Light”begins with foot-stomping piano and heavily distorted guitars, before being swept up in the mesmerizing voice of McEntire.  It’s a song about redemption; looking into the darkness inside, acknowledging it and using it to become a better person.  I can’t think of a much better message, or even better americana as of late.  Check it out below.

-M. Kauf

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Sky Ferreira is not the typical pop artist.  Her music is at times clean cut and innocent, at other times it is deep and mournful.  In her latest song, “Sad Dream” Ferreira sings with a voice in between the smokey tones of Fiona Apple and the country stylings of Lissie, allowing her to seamlessly slide from note to note, taking the music with her.  A song, melancholy on its, is about the loss of a loved one and the desire to have them back.  Sky Ferreira is a pop genius with few boundaries.  She is set to release her debut album sometime in 2013.

-M. Kauf

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My past experience with Sonny & The Sunsets left me thinking of the band as a raw sounding 60s garage rock throwback type of group.  Songs often featured simple, loud chords with lots of distortion.  But the new single, “Pretend You Love Me” shows that some artists can’t be pinned down by a label.  This song is much more country or folk than rock (Think Gene Clark or The Flying Burrito Brothers).  Noisy electric guitars are replaced with calm slide guitars, soft harmonies follow the singer as he cries, “pretend you love me, pretend you care.”  And this song not only defies genre labels, but in many ways it is lyrically deceiving.  While this song is about heartbreak (along with every song on the album), the sound is pretty upbeat and melancholy.  But labels and style aside, this is a fantastic single that has me looking at Smith in a whole new light.  The album, Longtime Companion isn’t out until June 26th, but until then we’ll just have to make due with this single.

-M. Kauf

Sonny & The Sunsets – Pretend You Love Me

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