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A while back, we discussed the diverse group Cold Blue Kid and their 2012 EP Mimic.  But today I want to share an earlier effort by lead singer Alex, the self-titled release Cold Blue Kid.  Created solely by Alex in his room with “guitars, vocal pedals, drum machine” and “several bottles of Jameson, twigs and imagination.”  It’s an impressive effort considering it was Alex’s first attempt at creating music the way he wanted it to be in a raw, unadulterated state.  Grant it, the album is a bit rough, but it’s a grower.  The songs have a Kurt Vile tinge to them and they still showcase Alex’s diversity as songs range from mellower tunes like the opening track, “Stay Alive” and “Let Go” to the weird rockers like “White Lie.”  Check out the songs below for a sample and be sure to check out the bandcamp for more from the album and a peak at the EP as well.

-M. Kauf

Cold Blue Kid – Whiskey Eye

Cold Blue Kid – Stay Alive

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It’s hard to put a finger on this Chicago Indie band.  They’re the unique creation of frontman/guitarist Alex Longoria and their songs range from electronic synth pop to rock to summery love songs.  Recently, they released a 6 track EP titled Mimic which is filled with all sorts of surprises, twists and turns.  The first three songs, seem to embody a strange mix of The Cure with the Dream pop sounds of Beach House, while the second half has a rockier edge and Alex’s voice truly shines.  All around, the EP is a stunning DIY effort considering the variety of sounds and instruments.  I’d be interested to hear what this band would sound like with the high-end production of a major labor.  For a taste of this chameleon group, check out the title track below and look for more from Cold Blue Kid down the road.

-M. Kauf

Cold Blue Kid – Mimic:

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