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ImageEver since I stumbled upon a Big Star CD at a now defunct record store, I fell in love with their jangly guitars, catchy lyrics and Alex Chilton.  The singer first gained fame a member of The Box Tops, but in the 1970s he formed one of the greatest powerpop bands of all time: Big Star.  Unfortunately, Big Star never got the fame they deserved in their original lineup and they broke up after just a few years.  But Alex Chilton went on to make some great solo records, produce a few records and then reunite with the Box Tops and a new lineup of Big Star.  Sadly, Chilton died of a heart attack last year, but today I want to celebrate what would have been the 61st birthday of a man whose influenced countless bands and created some of my favorite songs.  Below are a few of my favorite Big Star songs (one of which you might recognize).  Happy Birthday Alex.

-M. Kauf

Big Star – In The Street:

Big Star – Thirteen:

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