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Soulo Taught Me…

Ab Soul is the next artist from the Top Dawg Entertainment group, Black Hippie, to blow up. Featuring the budding star Kendrick Lamar, the new-comer Schoolboy Q, and the fierce Jay Rock, Black Hippie’s last member, crowned the group’s “Genius”, Ab Soul is the last member to take the spotlight. With a few mixtapes and last year’s debut album, Longterm Mentality, under his belt, Ab Soul is back for his sophmore album, Control System, for more spaced-out drug-inspired conspiracy theories and ghetto philosophies. Soulo goes from trippin on DMT on “Pineal Gland” to talks of all the gangs in the world unifying against the government on “Terrorist Treats”, making his subject matter far from boring. Dude can spit too and his lines are funny at times, poking fun at rap culture, like YOLO and Kanye’s “Yeezy taught me”, flipping it for himself on “Sopa” featuring Schoolboy Q. The production of the album is on point as well, really bassy with pretty spacey west-coast inspired beats. Given co-signs from Dre and Snoop, Ab Soul is the next to blow and this album might do it. This dude might go over some listeners head, but for the any fans of anything from the Black Hippie Crew or any darker old-school rap will dig this new album from Ab Soul. Take a listen to a few track below and STREAM THE WHOLE ALBUM on Spotify. – D. Gold

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Schoolboy Q has just released his sophomore rap album, Habits & Contradictions. His first album, Setbacks, was released a year ago and was fairly successful, but yet, I, personally, only sort-of knew his name, being one of the rappers in the group, Black Hippy, with Jay RockKendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul. Listening to his new album, its easy to see the comparison to Kendrick Lamar in flow and vocals. Yet, his choice in beats is very different from that of Kendrick’s album, Section 80. With some obscure and some well-known samples, along with heavy bass and electronic vibes, similar to the Weeknd, Schoolboy Q has a unique approach to rap. In addition, with features from A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, and Curren$y, Schoolboy Q is well connected to game and knows who can spit and on what track. My favorite tracks are “Hands on the Wheel”, sampling Kid Cudi’s popular “Pursuit of Happiness” and featuring an incredible verse from A$AP Rocky and “There He Go“, a fun song showing off Schoolboy’s flow with the beat sampling indie band Menomena’s “Wet and Rusting.” The album is very well put together and Schoolboy is rapper to look out for. Listen to the songs below and if you like, support the artist by purchasing the album on iTunes.

Schoolboy Q – Hands on the Wheel

Schoolboy Q – There He Go

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