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Yesterday, Fort Lean released a new single called “Sunsick.”  In their usual fashion, Fort Lean go all out on this one with belted vocals, a speedy bass line, pounding drums and a summery guitar to ring out through the noise.  The combination of pop, rock and punk makes for an irresistibly catchy tune that, as usual, has me racing towards the summer heat and the sand on my feet.  Listen below and if you haven’t yet, check out their bandcamp to hear their amazing self-titled EP.

-M. Kauf

Fort Lean – Sunsick:

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I spend a lot of my time listening to music about serious topics: heartbreak, death, war, etc.  It’s always great to take a step back from the intensity and listen to a “fun” band, full of energy and life who sound like they have a great time playing together (not that bands can’t have fun and be serious too).  Fort Lean is such a band.  Their debut EP features some amazing straight-up rockers that always put me in a good mood.  Yesterday, they released their music video for Beach Holiday.  The video features the band members working at a deli and does a great job of giving a visual side to the song as well as showcase all the band members pounding away at their respective instruments.  I don’t know about you, but it’s got me in the mood for a warm and sunny holiday right about now.

Fort Lean – Beach Holiday:

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