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“You don’t have to worry now, The tides rolled in”

A few months ago, we heard the first single from Bravestation and now they’ve brought us a new one called, “Tides of the Summit.”  Another dreamy new-wave tune, “Tides of the Summit” seems to twist and turn, back and forth with ethereal guitars and booming drums; like a boat rocking back and forth on the gentle crest of a wave.  Bravestation seem to have a knack for creating catchy otherworldly tribal pop.  And this song is just a small taste of what’s to come.  July 10th, Bravestation will release their debut Giants & Dreamers.  In the meantime, I guess we’ll keep rocking on this one, waiting to drift off to new songs.

-M. Kauf

Bravestation – Tides of the Summit

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