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The Heavy Guilt isn’t an easily categorized band.  Their songs range from folk to rock to dream pop and beyond, often combining many sounds and styles in a way that makes them hard to describe.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t give it a shot…Something like Cat Stevens, State Radio and Pear Jam morphed into an indie folk-rock outfit (sorry, that’s the best I can do).  Lack of genre doesn’t prevent this band from sounding catchy and tight-knit and it makes their second album, In The Blood, an exciting journey.  The songs can take you anywhere from a dirt road in the West to a dark city street.  From a bright day to a dark night.  And the band members certainly do their part to create such a unique sound, especially lead singer Erik Canzona.  While the album shifts in sound from song to song, Canzona remains a constant.  The rock that solidifies The Heavy Guilt.  No matter the style, his powerful voice stands strong as he makes his way through rocker like, “The Cost” as well as folkier ballads like “Wyoming.”  Check out the genre-spanning appeal below and pick up In The Blood.

-M. Kauf

The Heavy Guilt – The Cost

3/30     Soda Bar

4/1       The Viper Room           Los Angeles, CA

4/7       CityBeat Festival of Beer      The Lafayette Hotel


4/29    ArtWalk in Little Italy

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