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Tour De Vaap

A compilation of music from 417

After such an amazing debut, I was worried they couldn’t do it again.  There was no way they could recreate something so succinct, simple and beautiful.  But it looks like I was wrong.  Very wrong.  Or at least that’s what the new xx demo leads me to believe.  “Open Eyes,” the dark and mellow single released today, features nothing more than an echoey guitar and washed out vocals.  It’s as if The xx was calling to us from a distance, reminding us that they’re still here and still as good as ever, marching towards the new year with a great new album.  Maybe I’m reading into this demo too much, but either way I’m very excited about this Christmas present.  Check out the video above and download the song is avaiable for free on their website.

-M. Kauf

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