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Tour De Vaap

A compilation of music from 417

Earlier this year, Okkervil River released the album I Am Very Far, a solid effort from the band.  But, I’ve found that it is their side projects that I enjoy the most (such as their work with Roky Erickson).  On these occasions, the band really loosens up their sound and create some beautiful melodies.  This is exactly what they do on their new EP Golden Opportunities 2, which was released for free earlier this week.  This 22 minute long EP features some stunning covers from an unordinary collections of artists all performed in one session in Austin Texas.  From the soulful cover of “One Less Soul on Your Fiery List” to what is perhaps the best smoking song I’ve ever heard, “It is So Nice To Get Stoned,” this album  takes straight-forward cover, with Okkervil River soaked into the mix and it makes for an enjoyable mix all the way through.  I highly recommend this EP to anyone who likes Okkervil River, is looking for some cool obscure artist to know, or just likes music in general.  This might be the best collection of covers my ears have ever heard.

-M. Kauf

Okkervil River – It Is So Nice To Get Stoned:

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