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Tour De Vaap

A compilation of music from 417

“I’m waiting, not taking, I’m coming home/

I’ve tasted, my sunlight, I’m coming home”

I’ve been waiting for this album since January.  I spent countless hours searching the internet for any trace of this band.  I found nothing.  Just that wonderful single with early morning echoes in every guitar riff and a longing yet optimistic voice tearing through a mighty drumbeat.  All I knew was that April 12 would eventually arrive and the wait would be over.  Now that day has come and I did not wait in vain.  The debut Ep from Dirty Gold was an impressive effort from the teenage band that formed in November of 2010.  It opens with “North” a short but sweet jangle of vibraphones that eases the listener into the album.  Roar transitions nicely from song to song as Beach Boys surf pop blends with indie synth stars Beach House.  It’s amazing how much sound this trio generates.  The 4th song “Quite Place” has an amazing weight to it, using strong keyboards to effortlessly play with both singer and guitarist.  I know this band will bring some interesting stuff in the future.  As I wrote this, in some of the first nice weather (75 degrees!) for a long time, I couldn’t think of a better album to have by my side.  – M. Kauff

Dirty Gold – Quiet Life:

Dirty Gold – California Sunrise:

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